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‘Why do I? Nov 3, it is a Fantastic amount’: Trump principles outside deferring US polls

“I never thought of altering the date of this election. Why can I do this? November 3, it is a great number,” Trump told reporters at his White House news conference.

His probable Democratic opponent Joe Biden last week said Trump was contemplating altering the date. “Mark my words, I presume he’s gonna attempt to kick the election back, develop some rationale why it can not be held,” Biden said through an internet fundraiser.

“No, I anticipate this election which was only made propaganda maybe not by him but by a number of the numerous people who are working writing small sections. I see all the time statements allow you to state something announcement made per Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe,” Trump said.

“He did not make those statements. Someone did, however, they said he left it. No, let him understand I’m not considering it whatsoever.