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Why former Universal Champion Brock Lesnar made his return at WWE Smackdown

Though the multiple time winner isn’t a regular fixture in regards to WWE programming, then it isn’t healthy for the Beast’ to be absent for such a substantial period.

While the developement might appear surprising, a closer look at the behind the scenes occurring at the business gives the rationale behind Brock’s abrupt appearance. With only two weeks remaining Smackdown’s long-awaited introduction on FOX, the demand for celebrity power is at its all-time high. Through time, Brock Lesnar was a dependable advantage for the WWE, and any time they desire a spike in evaluations,’The Beast’ has been called into action.

Even though Brock Lesnar returned into the firm after his stint with the UFC at 2012, he hasn’t appeared in one game on TV until today. When he struggles Kingston to the WWE title on SmackDown’s debut event on FOX on October 4, it is going to be his first inaugural game since 2004, and that’s the element which makes it even particular to the fans.

Through time, Lesnar was famous for his sparse games and minimal participation in storylines, but there’s not any dispute in regards to his star power. Despite his limited variety of looks, Lesnar stays the best earner in WWE using a mind-boggling salary of $12million while John Cena includes a base salary of $8.5million.

In the previous few decades, a lot of rumors was doing the rounds around Lesnar’s potential return to UFC however they were put to bed with all the wrestler signing a brand-new contract. Lesnar’s present WWE deal will see him stay with the business during May or even June 2020 which is among the most significant extensions for him lately. Because of this, his devotion is no more a reason for concern, and that’s clear from the way the business is treating him.

Together with the FOX bargain being among the greatest in the organization’s history, WWE might not seem to continue using a winner who has spent the majority of his livelihood for a mid-carder. If that’s the circumstance, Lesnar is the best candidate for the name, and he could be the key to WWE within their much-hyped warfare against Elite Wrestling (AEW).