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Will Europe win the race to procure a COVID-19 vaccine?

The race to get a COVID-19 vaccine is at full swing.

A total of 31 vaccines are currently undergoing human trials, such as eight that have proceeded to stage three, with large scale efficiency evaluations.

The global, high-stakes contest took a twist when Russia declared the very first coronavirus vaccine cleared for usage on Tuesday.

“She is feeling well and contains a lot of antibodies,” Putin maintained about his daughter, that trialed the so-called”Sputnik V” vaccine.

“We’re in touch with the Russian health authorities, and talks are happening about potential pre-qualification of this vaccine,” said World Health Organisation spokesperson Tarik Jasarevic through a media conference in Geneva on Wednesday.

Even if it’s too early to select a winner, Euronews gathered data to determine which nations were able to procure the maximum doses of this vaccine.

Many countries continue to be in conversation or allegedly going to strike a bargain with pharmaceutical business giants.

America and the European Union seem to be the frontrunners.

The global top position has come at the price using the US spending $10 billion ($0.84bn/#0.75bn) to get as much as 1.3 billion gallons.