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Wipro suspends employee Traveling to China, HK, Macau amid coronavirus outbreak

Global software major Wipro has suspended workers traveling to coronavirus-stricken China, Hong Kong, and Macau, the business said on Wednesday.

Workers also have been advised to prevent non-critical traveling to Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Italy,” the city-based outsourcing company told IANS in an announcement.

The business said any worker who has moved to an affected area in China in the past couple of days was counseled to work from home to 14 days before restarting work at the office.

“We’ve advised our workers to be cautious, particularly those located in China and people who have visited the country lately,” said Wipro.

Lately, Wipro said it had no workers in Wuhan, the epicenter of all coronavirus whilst allowing a substantial amount of techies based in China to operate at home.

The business has also asked its workers to self-quarantine if they or their relatives exhibit any signs.

“That apart, we’ve taken all necessary steps in our offices (China), for example, thermal screening, surgical masks and regular sanitization of assumptions,” stated the business.

Separately, the business has also issued an advisory detailing hygiene and preventative measures and advised all workers throughout the world to instantly reach a wellness center in the event of Coronavirus symptoms.

“We’re monitoring the situation and don’t have any additional comments at this stage in time,” Wipro added.

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