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Within Europe’s secret truck Warfare: Motorists pay the Cost for east-west divide

There are just three million truck drivers on the streets of Europe, providing everything from furniture and food, to automobiles and concrete.

However, not all of them are paid the very same salary. What they make does not rely on ability or seniority, but on which they come out.

Drivers from eastern Europe normally take home a great deal less than people from western Europe – for example, a Bulgarian driver could make about 300 euros a month, although an Italian could take home $1,500 a month.

Employers make the most of Europe’s east-west wage split to increase profit margins. It is a practice called social marketing, which has resulted in job losses in western Europe and employee exploitation in southern Europe.

The consequences could be fatal.

By providing a voice to the individuals directly affected with this dire scenario, this film reveals the fact of Europe’s ruthless trucking business and its dividing consequences on Western politics.