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Within the Belgian church Helping welcome migrants into Europe

Last updated on October 9, 2019

A Brussels church has celebrated the International Day of the Migrant and also the Refugee and represented on its thirty decades of assisting new arrivals into Europe.

The parish of Riches Claires includes a dedicated committee for refugees that’s been working for thirty decades. For most residents from the capital, it was a important step due to their integration to the city.

Many refugees from the church arrive after fleeing their countries of origin for political or economic factors. But coming in their new house hasn’t been easy for many, especially those in Brussels’ Muslim neighborhood that, for the most part, had to learn from scratch the intricacies of their local language.

“The uprooting of our civilization, of departing our family and leaving our buddies is quite debilitating,” said Zoraida Hernandez, a Colombian human rights defender.

Through time, the church community has evolved after the migratory waves. The first comers were Spaniards, subsequently Chileans. More recently, it’s been Venezuelans and Central Americans fleeing violence.

“The closure of the border with the United States is getting a terrific effect because today migrants are searching for different areas to migrate.

This Sunday, Riches Claires Church hosted bulk to the Day of the Migrant and also the Refugee.

The Pope introduced a bronze statue on Sunday constituting migrants packed on a ship, and decried”the civilization of relaxation” which contributes to indifference in the face of a worldwide migration and refugee catastrophe.

The Pope, who has made caring for migrants a part of his papacy, beg for more kindness and love towards those fleeing wars and battle.

“We cannot be indifferent to the tragedy of old and new types of poverty, into the gloomy isolation, contempt, and discrimination experienced by people who don’t belong to’our team,'” he told audiences.

Francis has regularly talked about the need to be welcoming into migrants, travelling into the Italian island of Lampedusa in 2013 on his first trip as pope to relaxation refugees.