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Women’s Security, Security and Liberty is at stake in Poland

However, at what price? The expense of the lives and security of women, minorities, LGBTI individuals, or people that simply don’t take the far-right schedule needing their nation.

Take, as an instance, the new legislative acts of COVID-19 steps which don’t protect Polish citizens in any way. It’s only a Trojan horse, concealing the actual intent of its writers to additional roll back the liberty of citizens. Girls in Poland have now been served a brand new blow off, endangering their reproductive security even more.

Already in May, the parliament suggested eliminating the legal responsibility for medical centers to consult with patients to another facility when they refuse to give abortion care according to personal beliefs, with potentially dramatic implications for girls, who might not be able to get care.

And nowadays, girls are targeted at the new criminal code which dismantles support systems for people who wish to get abortion care (and this in a state where access to contraception and emergency contraception is extremely difficult). Through an acute shift in the law, now judges have been pressured into committing harsh prison sentences to individuals who encourage women with diplomatic attention unless inside the narrowest of constraints permitted by Poland’s exceptionally prohibitive law.

The court — such as the Constitutional Court – is filled with judges who discuss the ruling party’s schedule, but even the more innovative ones will likely be bound by this barbarous abortion law.

The consequences go far beyond simply linking the hands of judges. Physicians who offer maintenance and solidarity groups that help women across boundaries to get a safe abortion are taken to court and plagued in the previous couple of decades. The sentence can be a lot harsher.

Aside from forcing girls to experience a pregnancy against their will, the Polish Authorities also dismisses frameworks that could shield them from violence, such as the Istanbul Convention.

Rather, coercive actors turn the story to serve their particular goals associated with control and power.

The picture painted is gloomy. Women’s security, security, and liberty are at stake because their service systems are accepted apart though constant strikes. Women will be wholly left by the State free of safety net, alone and not able to request assistance. Because who’s left to help?

The war on girls isn’t the only worrying point. Changes within this so-called bundle of measures contrary to COVID-19 also contain penalties for violating the president, petty thefts, and involuntary medical errors.

This package of fresh strikes against the principle of law match past attempts to completely prohibit abortion maintenance, hatred attempts against the LGBTI+ community, and ignoring the EU consensus on gender equality and the protection of minorities against discrimination.