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Wonderful electric with All the Benur

In the most recent installment of Smart Regions, fresh electrical tricycles that resemble Roman chariots have started emerging in France. They’re calling the Automobile, that the Benur along with the job is endorsed by the EU’s Cohesion Policy. The vehicles may be pedaled with all the driver’s hands and therefore are a hit with individuals with impaired mobility.

Benur consumer Nézha -El-Rafiqui analyzed a prototype on the ViaRhôna bike trail in Lyon and believes the vehicles enabling:

“There’s a sense of independence. It’s a sense of being just like other folks. In order [enjoy them] to journey on bike trails, to choose a stroll into the Tête d’Or park, to have the ability to go into town together with the Benur, without taking the subway or the bus”

The ViaRhôna biking route between Lake Leman and the Mediterranean is providing 8 self-service Benurs close Lyon.

The Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region would like to be the’flagship’ land for this particular freedom project.

“ViaRhôna is a bicycle path that’s over 800 kilometers long, the majority of it’s in France; with a few segments in Switzerland, which contributes up into the glacier that’s the origin of this Rhône. Benur is a car that enables accessibility and access to all on this course and means individuals can detect the legacy in most of the lands, not just across the Rhône.”

The project is the brainchild of Joseph Mignozzi who briefly dropped his very own freedom in a bicycle accident in 2012. He spent years in his garage creating a prototype. His co-partner and developer, Cyril Mezière, says theatre supplied an unlikely inspiration.

“The very first prototype created by Joseph, it seemed much like the chariots from the movie Ben-Hur.

Sharing and connectivity will be the keywords in this undertaking. A program enables users to find Benur and discuss paths between individuals with decreased mobility and get details regarding the surrounding atmosphere.

“The Brener allows you to feel fragile,” states Virginie Béjot

Virginie is a lover of backpack weekends and she discovered that the ViaRhôna throughout the Benur in Tain l’Hermitage.

“What I love about the Benur is when we’re high up, we could see better what occurs than once we’re in a wheelchair and also, therefore, are quite low. And we, too, feel safer. This makes you feel fragile. People are interested when they visit us around the Brener. I believe they require a time to realize that we’re in a wheelchair. So that is the wonderful part.”