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Wondering Joker did everything he did? Joaquin Phoenix, Todd Phillips talk controversial talk show scene

Actor Joaquin Phoenix and manager Todd Phillips have talked about the hotly debated discussion show scene in Joker. Spoilers for the movie follow.

Near the end of the movie, he sets his transformation to the iconic Batman villain Joker by killing popular talk show host Murray Franklin (Robert De Niro) through a live telecast. The spectacle was hotly debated concerning the violence it portrays and its potentially sympathetic portrayal of a deranged murderer.

Phillips told Collider at a recent interview which Arthur decides to kill Murray throughout the series itself, having formerly choosing to commit suicide throughout the telecast.

If you see the film, you do get the impression get the impression he’s going to kill himself on TV, which that’s where it is headed. He had been going to do so, if you want my opinion, then he kind of changes his thoughts.”

Phoenix, who conducted extensive research about folks like Arthur, added, “It is also that specific personality type. It is a person that’s seeking recognition and all these character types are suicidal, and they want their death to mean something. He’s that part in his diary, where he states that,’I expect my passing makes more sense than my entire life.’ So we would remember speaking early on in regards to the sequence where someone would like to take their lifetime, however, they need the largest audience possible because in some ways they feel as this will fulfill the impression they need, this demand for recognition.”

Joker talks concerning unchecked mental illness, and other social problems. Phillips continued, “We do not really talk a whole lot about what Arthur’s symptoms are, we still do not wish to talk like psychiatrists. I didn’t need even to inform him of what we believe Arthur has. The 1 thing we had agreed about was Arthur has extreme narcissism. Outside of this, his other psychological illnesses or what have you, we are not really certain exactly what he suffers from, but I am only considering the narcissism of, ” he wishes to kill himself wants to perform it ahead of… you know just like do so concept that it ought to mean something.”

“There is a lot of ways in which you could consider this film,” Phillips stated. “You can look at it and go,’This is merely one of his macabre stories. None of it occurred’ I don’t wish to state what it is. But a lot of people I have shown it to have said,’Oh, I do it — he is simply made a story up. The entire picture is your joke. It is something this man in Arkham Asylum concocted.

Despite divisive testimonials, Joker has turned into a huge box office success, with accumulated around $400 million globally at a bit more than a week of launch. The movie has made near Rs 50 crore in India.