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World War II veteran Ray Woolley breaks Possess scuba diving Album 96

World War Two veteran Ray Woolley that flipped 96 on Aug. 28, dove into a thickness of 42.4 meters for 48 minutes, the event organizers said. He beat his past set of 40.6 meters for 44 minutes.

“Its simply incredible. I have been diving for 59 decades, and all these are the kind of dives that you recall since there are several vacationers with you,” Woolley said, of another 47 divers who drifted with him.

“If I could dive and my friends are prepared to dip with me I expect I could do it again,” Woolley told Reuters following the event organized from the Larnaca municipality and the city’s tourism board.

Woolley, who resides in Cyprus, has been a radio operator in World War Two. Has successively broken two preceding records he held in 2017 and 2018.

The Zenobia, a cargo container laden with trucks which sank from Larnaca in 1980, is a favorite dive website. Underwater images revealed Woolley along with other sailors sitting on the hull of their sunken boat as bass, and the occasional turtle spanned by.

A documentary on his life, “Life Begins at 90”, will be exhibited at the Bosnia-Herzegovina movie festival in September.

“I refuse to accept the reality that I am getting old,” Woolley says in the trailer.