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World’s Earliest pearl graces Abu Dhabi’s Louvre

An 8,000-year-old pearl which archaeologists say is that the world’s oldest will be exhibited at Abu Dhabi, according to police who said Sunday it’s evidence the objects are traded since olden days.

The organic pearl was found at the ground of an area found during excavations in Marawah Islandoff the backing of the United Arab Emirates, which demonstrated the oldest architecture located in the nation.

“The discovery of the earliest pearl on the planet in Abu Dhabi makes it very clear that much of our current cultural and economic heritage has deep roots that extend back into the dawn of prehistory,” said its chairman Mohamed Al-Muabarak.

The excavation of this Marawah website, which is composed of numerous collapsed Neolithic stone constructions, has also yielded diamonds, ceramics made of stone and shell, and flint arrowheads.

The”Abu Dhabi Pearl” will be revealed for the first time from the exhibition”10,000 decades of Luxury” that is launching on October 30 in the Louvre Abu Dhabi — the outpost of the famed Paris museum.

Emirati specialists think that the pearls have been exchanged with Mesopotamia — early Iraq — in exchange for ceramics as well as other products. They were likely worn as jewelry.

The pearl business after underpinned the economy of the United Arab Emirates, but the transaction dropped in the 1930s with the arrival of Japanese cultured pearls, and as battles rocked international markets.

Rather, the Gulf countries turned into the petroleum sector which dominates their markets for this day.