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WWE Raw Women’s Winner Becky Lynch lands a stunner on Stone Cold Steve Austin – See

Last updated on September 3, 2019

There was always an enjoyable section involving Stone Cold Steve Austin from the WWE. That is exactly what Stone Cold would do: he’d put in the ring, like a minute or two with a different wrestler, phone to get a couple rounds of beer then drop the wrestler using a”stunner” prior to departing. At a movie that has gone viral on social networking, the legendary wrestler, who’s already retired, was spotted re-enacting that the whole scene yet another time – just this moment he was on the receiving end of his finisher.

The six-time World Champion was inducted to the 2009 Course of WWE Hall of Fame, following a unforgettable career that saw him achieve the pinnacle of success in WWE. But despite his plaudits, the character that’s Stone Cold became famous due to his personality, that resulted in him being considered as the”Texas Rattle Snake”.

On the other hand, the roles had been reversed lately. Austin, who hosted WWE Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in an event of Directly Up Steve Austin, encouraged the female wrestler to get a beer in the ring. “You know, there is another question I’d love to ask you. Would you wish to drink a beer ?” He inquired Lynch.

“Does The Person wish to consume a beer together with the Stone Cold Steve Austin? I am, feeling a bit hungry, yeah. Yeah, I will have a beer together with Stone Cold,” Lynch replied.

Stone Cold passed a beer Women’s Champion and took a swig each from the could. Immediately after Lynch fell Stone Cold using a”Stunner” and said -“That is what happens when The Man comes around.”

Though it was a promotional stunt, a pro-wrestling enthusiast can reevaluate how picture-perfect that’stunner’ was out of Lynch.