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You Need To Know All About Immune System

Understanding immune system

Immune system is the protection that body makes against infectious organisms and other disease causing invaders. It is wonderful system of body helping us staying healthy and preventing infections. 

How does immune system work?

The immune system is made up of special cells, proteins, tissues and organs. It defends our body against germs and microorganisms.  Following a couple of steps, known as immune response, the immune system fights back organisms and invaders causing disease.

When antigens (invaders) are detected by the body, different cells work together to respond. These cells collectively trigger B lymphocytes to produce antibodies.  These act as special proteins to knock down the antigens.

Signs of Weak Immune System

One should be alert enough to notice the symptoms that may be due to weak immune system.  Let’s have a look at these:

  • Recurring infections – A person with weak immune system may find himself catching infections more frequently compared to others.  It may include infections like bronchitis, skin infections, meningitis, pneumonia etc.
  • Inflammation of the internal organs could also be due to weak immune system.
  • Digestive issues like diarrhoea, lack of appetite etc.
  • Growth delay in infants and children

Keeping Good immune system

Immune system is vital to maintain good health. How one’s body fights against diseases, depends majorly on one’s immune system. Below mentioned are few things that can help you increase your immunity.

  • Foods that boost immune system – There are plenty of rich sources of food that may keep your immune system strong.  Citrus fruits, green vegetables curd, nuts, seeds, berries are a few types of foods that you should include in your diet plan.  One may refer to vast material available online to search for the food items.
  • Keep a check on weight – Exercise daily and maintain adequate weight. Increased weight results in lack of body’s strength to fight against the diseases.
  • Take adequate sleep – Do you know that lack of sleep can make you sick? This is because during sleep, your body releases proteins called cytokines which are required to fight against infections or inflammations. There is lack of production of these proteins in case of inadequate sleep. Also the infection fighting cells are reduced when one does not take proper sleep.
  • Don’t stress yourself too much – When one is stressed, the immune system’s ability to fight the antigens is reduced.  Thus we often see a stressed individual more susceptible to infections. 
  • Quit your bad habits – If you take alcohol, take it only in moderate quantity. For those who smoke, there is nothing as less or more. The risk is equal even if you smoke occasionally. So leave it today if you want to have an effective immune system.
  • Laughing TherapyAs they say laughter is the best medicine. Laugh out loud so much so it hurts your sides.  Laughter decreases stress hormones and at the same time increases infection fighting antibodies. It not only makes you feel good but makes you positive which is the most essential requirement for keeping yourself fit.