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Young people sending isolated Older letters of Love and Hope amid coronavirus Catastrophe

In instances of isolation, fear, and doubt, ten cousins are attempting to have a very simple equation sweep the entire world — just one letter, 1 smile.

By 14 to 24 years old, the team came together to place those smiles on individuals in a particular demographic: the older.

The One Letter, 1 Smile initiative connects individuals who wish to compose a letter to the older currently on lockdown around France and Belgium.

Ninety-five percent of people who have died from the illness are more than 60 years old, and 50 percent were over 80.

Since the threat is indeed large, older people’s houses are on lockdown across the world. Stories have emerged of wives and husbands, split with just a brief quantity of time to pay with each other, toddlers kept off out of their grandparents, and also of terrible isolation in people stuck indoors, with very little contact. 1 Letter, 1 Insulation sends notes of joy and hope to people who want it most.

The initiative began in France, and has expanded to Belgium with Switzerland upward. Duron explained the purpose is to expand anyplace they could, together with the UK and Europe the very logistically possible next quits. The growth is driven with a tidal wave of opinions Duron along with her cousins have received.

“We have had good feedback,” she informed Euronews.

“We have had comments from folks getting the letters, stating how those letters have been beams of the sun in their everyday life. We have had comments from folks caring for the elderly in those retirement houses, telling us how beautiful that this initiative has been for them too, seeing that they were encouraged such as that. And we have also had good feedback from the folks writing the letters, telling us just writing letters was something heartwarming to them because they’re alone.”
A lot of those who get the letters are not in a position to react, but the chance for pen-pal friendships to grow is there.

“There is currently an alternative for the older individuals to react to the letter if they wish to, they could get the email of the person that send them the letter,” explained Duron.

“Our goal is to send letters their manner, and when they can not answer back that is fine.”