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Yuri Dmitriev: Gulag historian handed three-and-a-half year Prison term

Gulag historian Yuri Dmitriev has now been given a three-and-a-half-year prison term, his attorney confirmed.

The sentence was for”violence of a sexual nature” contrary to his adopted daughter.

However, his supporters say the situation is an effort to quiet Dmitriev, who has spent almost 30 years compiling a record of those 40,000 people deported or implemented under Joseph Stalin at Karelia, a Russian region bordering Finland.

Dmitriev, 64, was initially detained in 2016 on accusations that he had generated”pornographic” pictures of his adopted daughter.

He had been acquitted in 2018 however, the Supreme Court of Karelia overturned the decision two weeks later and purchased another trial, this time for”sexual violence against a little”.

“Dmitriev himself doesn’t acknowledge any of those accusations,” said the human rights NGO Museum before the verdict. “Museum is certain of his entire innocence.

“The evident reason behind its historian’s persecution is the several years of effort to obtain the burial places of people murdered during the excellent Terror, to setlists of victims to conserve memory in areas of Stalin’s executions.”

In the last several decades, Dmitriev continues to be supporting the discovery of one of the greatest mass graves in Karelia, at Sandarmokh, in which the remains of 7,000 to 9,000 people implemented during the Stalinist era have been discovered.

Numerous Russian and worldwide figures have denounced unjustified prosecutions from Yuri Dmitriev. In a media conference in early July, manager Alexandre Sokourov stated the historian’s conviction would constitute”a turning point” in Russia.

Meanwhile, the Nobel Prize winners, Belarusian authors Svetlana Alexievitch and German Herta Müller have requested the Council of Europe, a pan-European company of 47 nations, to respond. They consider Dmitriev’s findings from Sandarmokh have been a”bone in the throat of the government” who, according to the two writers, seek to”rewrite history”.