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Zoom’s Best five Attributes every user Needs to know

Even as millions of consumers around the globe are working remotely, videoconferencing software is gaining enormous grip. The video conferencing program has become rather popular as its everyday meetings topped 200 million in March.

The expansion has come despite broad safety and privacy issues. This, however, has not ceased from individuals using the program. The video calling experience can be better than most. If you are using Zoom, below are a few of the major characteristics you ought to know.

Background shifting

Among the most unique attributes of Zoom is the capability to alter the background. Interestingly, rivals like Microsoft Teams also have established background changing attributes. To begin, open the Zoom program, proceed to in-app settings, select a virtual desktop, and pick the picture you desire.

Beauty style

This feature was available on a couple of smartphones for ages. Zoom is among those very few video conferencing programs to support this. You can come across the”touch up my look” attribute below the video settings from the program.

Fundamental solitude

If you’re on Zoom but do not want other people to see you or hear you, then you may just switch off the mic and camera. To accomplish this, open the program, visit in-app settings, pick sound, then tap mute mic before joining a meeting. You might also do the same for videos.

Bonus: On the background computer, it is possible to mute and unmute the sound by clicking on the area bar.


Zoom also enables users to capture their video conferences. The movie recording facility can be found on programs like Skype too. There’ll also be an instant to demonstrate that you are recording a videogame.

Zoom’s among the greatest advantages is enabling a larger variety of participants at a meeting. Shifting to a gallery perspective provides you a wider view of this seminar.

Display sharing

You could even discuss your screen with friends and family in a Zoom telephone number. In the toolbar, you will observe that a”Chat display” icon. Click the link to discuss your desktop computer. You’ll also need control on to discuss the whole desktop or only 1 window.