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Disabled Employees at Spanish tourist hotspot’Endure for 11 hours a day

A trade union has shown that handicapped workers in the Royal Palace in Madrid, among Spain’s most-visited tourism hotspots have to stand up in work for between 10 and 11 hours every day on wages of as low as 600 euros a month.

The Comisiones Obreras (CCOO) marriage said that 61 workers hired as space attendants from the Clece Group under the General Disability Law – that plans to incorporated disabled people to the office – functioned for 55 hours a week – most of them without contracts.

During their occupation interviews, the workers were told that their salary will be between 800 and 1000 euros a month, with additional overtime, in rotating afternoon and morning shifts for four days weekly.

But during the 11-hour workdays, just 45 minutes were awaarded to rest and eat, the union stated.

Visitor bathrooms
Workers weren’t provided access to changing rooms although the firm said it would offer the amenities and were made to use the website’s visitor bathroom.

In an announcement to Euronews, Clece explained that the conditions changed”a very limited amount of individuals”, 16 of the more than 75,000 functioning in the provider.

The business has declared that there were”administrative errors” from the judicial procedure and as a consequence of the problems involved in”establishing a support of the nature”.