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2 dead, 15 Hurt in shooting outside Pub in US

Authorities in Kansas City, Missouri, state at least 2 people are dead and 15 people were reportedly hurt in a shooting outside a pub.

Capt. David Jackson told news outlets in the scene which responding officers found”a busy spectacle” and needed to call in assistance from around the town.

Authorities believe the shooter is that the dead person, Jackson said in a statement. A spokesman said the shooter opened fire on a line of folks waiting to go into a pub, but the reason behind the shooting was not immediately obvious.

Throughout the investigation, authorities heard that individuals — 15 — were showing around local hospitals with injuries linked to the shooting. It is uncertain whether the wounded victims suffered gunshot wounds. At least three individuals were in serious condition, authorities said.

The scene was close to U.S. Highway 40. News outlets in the scene identified the pub outside that the shooting happened as 9ine Ultra Lounge. A Facebook article on the club page promoted Sunday night’s”Sold Out Sundays” event, which seemed to be a part of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs — showcased on the occasion’s art — defeat the Tennessee Titans on Sunday ahead of the Super Bowl.

“It only put this kind of tragic end to this superb afternoon at Kansas City,” Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said in the spectacle, referencing the triumph. “It is only difficult to stand here and speak about this sort of catastrophe on really among the greatest days Kansas City has experienced quite a while.”