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22 police officers Wounded Following Barbarous lockdown clashes in south London

At least 22 police officers were injured following a road celebration in south London descended into violent clashes.

Authorities were called to Brixton, Lambeth on Wednesday evening following reports of a big unlicensed music event at the road.

In a statement, Metropolitan authorities state the audience” became aggressive towards officers” after police tried to encourage individuals to leave.

Videos on social websites reveal people brandishing firearms and throwing bottles of armed officers. Other footage from the scene shows men leaping on a police vehicle and beating in the windows as officials fled.

Though no officers were severely hurt in the clashes, two did need hospital treatment. A few police cars were damaged in the event.

Four people have been arrested for assault and public order offenses.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said big parties throughout the pandemic are”deeply irresponsible” and are a threat to life.

“Violence against the authorities won’t be tolerated.”

UK Home Secretary Priti Patel also described the pictures as”utterly gruesome scenes” on Twitter.

“Our officers work exceptionally difficult to participate and clarify the public health regulations and message to stop such parties happening,” include BCU Commander Colin Wingrove.

“Our purpose is to guard the public and make sure guidelines are adhered to avoid the spread of COVID-19 shielding the NHS and save lives”.

An investigation was launched into the incident, and officials are running”reassurance patrols” in the region on Thursday.

Authorities and local governments in Bournemouth also have announced a”major incident” after thousands of people descended on shores around the UK’s south coast on Wednesday.

“A multi-agency emergency reply has been activated to coordinate resources throughout the region to attack the issues,” explained Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole (BCP) Council at an announcement.

“The irresponsible behavior and activities of so many individuals are just shocking,” said council chief, Vikki Slade.

“Our solutions are extended to the absolute hilt seeking to keep everybody safe.”

Under coronavirus lockdown limitations, groups are limited to six individuals, but warmer weather in recent months has seen much bigger parties.

The united kingdom government has warned that groups need to continue to distance from those outside their household.

England will reopen restaurants, hairdressers, and cinemas as part of a significant easing from lockdown on July 4.