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230 Indian-American organisations Advocate Congressman Ro Khanna to Draw from Pakistan Caucus

A record quantity of 230 Indian-American organizations at the united states have advocated Democratic Party Ro Khanna to draw from the Congressional Caucus on Pakistan, saying that it was contrary to both the American principles and India’s geo-strategic interests.

Khanna, 42, became the very first Indian-American to have united the Congressional Pakistan Caucus last month. In a letter submitted to the Indian-American lawmaker on Monday, both Hindu and Indian-American organizations, professional institutions and neighborhood leaders encouraged Khanna to draw from the Congressional Pakistan Caucus.

A copy of the correspondence has been published by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF).

“As a prominent member of this House India Caucus, Foreign Affairs Committee, and also a champion of individual rights, we’re apprehensive that you just joined the Congressional Pakistan Caucus,” the letter said.

The letter declared that Pakistan has been use the terror resources to attack US interests in Afghanistan and wage a proxy war against India.

“We think that your membership within this Caucus is contrary to the two the American principles and our geostrategic pursuits at the Indian Subcontinent and the wider South Asian region,” the letter stated.

“Thus, we recommend you to draw from the Congressional Pakistan Caucus. We urge you to write straight to Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and fulfill (Pakistan) Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan to tackle Pakistan’s continuing use of terrorism to destabilize the area and its clear and acute human rights violations,” it stated.

The letter further increases issues with Congressman’s current tweet on Hindutva and requested him to issue a clarification on the topic.

Khanna, at a tweet last month, stated that”this is the job of every American politician of Hindu religion to endure for pluralism, reject Hindutva, also talk for equal rights for Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist and Christians,” tripping divisive views one of the Indian-American community.

The community members urged Khanna to make an official announcement for the Congressional record, highlighting that the cultural cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits, who had been pushed out from their houses by Pakistan-sponsored terror effort three years past.

The members stated they looked forward to Khanna following through to the assurances he left on Sunday about working to deal with the anguish of both literary and Indian religious minorities in the hands of the Pakistan government.