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3 amateur videos Catch Minutes after Pakistan Airplane crashes near Karachi airport

A Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Airplane crashed in Karachi on Friday.

News agency Reuters reports that the airplane had 99 passengers on board as it crashed.

Pakistan Armed induce spokesperson Major General Babar Iftikhar reported that the military’s Quick Reaction Force and Pakistan Rangers’ Sindh troops have gotten to the incident website. From the upgrade posted on the official Twitter handle of DG ISPR, the spokesperson stated that the security forces will help the civil government in rescue and relief efforts.

Users on social websites began posting videos and images of this residential area where the airplane crashed. The movies show smoke billowing in the airplane. Others possess a close-up brief of the region where the crash happened.

“PIA Flight crashed near Karachi’s Model Colony Region. Tweeted a consumer, Annie Frank.

“#Plane_Crash Close Model Colony. . .

Others had videos in the wreck site, and they maintained that five homes were destroyed in the wreck.

“Pia Plane airbus 320 crash nearby Karachi airport, strikes 4 to 5 homes,91 passengers on board,” said Khurram Ansari. He utilized the hashtag #planecrash together with his tweet.

Once the news spread, Karachi began trending on Twitter with over 19,000 tweets posted on the location crash.

Black smoke can be seen from afar at the wreck site, said, eyewitnesses.