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4 killed in Spain Flooding

At least four people were murdered as flooding wreak havoc in a variety of cities of eastern Spain.

A middle-aged guy was killed after his car was stuck at a tunnel flooded in minutes. After this, a body of 36-year older has been seen. She’s been reported lost from previous couple of days, reported Al Jazeera.

A 61-year-old guy and his 51-year-old sister died on Thursday when their car was hauled off as fast-moving waters swamped a street in Caudete.

Alicante, Valencia and eastern Castilla-La Mancha states of Spain would be the worst hit by the flooding.

The area was seeing rain. At the village of Gaianes, 491 millimeter rain was reported within the past 3 days – over 350mm of the dropped in the previous 24 hours.

More thunderstorms are anticipated throughout the weekend.