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47 Meters Down: Uncaged is and ridiculous than scary, ” Says Rashid Irani

Last updated on September 9, 2019

Apparently planning to emulate the box office bonanza of this 2017 first, 47 Meters Down Uncaged tries once again to tap into our shared fear of a watery tomb, particularly the potential for winding up as dinner for, you guessed it, sharks.

Disappointingly the result is much more silly than scary. Biting off more than he could chew off, returning manager Johannes Roberts immediately away introduces us to four skimpily clad young ladies. Before you can say Jaws, the nubile quartet sets out to research an underwater labyrinth of lava that is Mayan.

A technical glitch unleashes albino sharks (the computer-generated carnivores seem as plasticine as people in Spielberg’s 1975 classic) intent on making a meal of those hapless teens. Murky results and bloody mayhem ensue.

None of these actresses, such as Corinne Foxx (daughter of Jamie) and Sistine Stallone (similarly of Sylvester) creates an impression. Apart from its contempt for logic and coherence, there is nothing even remotely original about the script.