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80,000 Houses still without power a week Later typhoon battered Japan

Nearly 80,000 houses are still without power a week after a strong typhoon battered eastern Japan, police said Monday, with continuous heavy rain prompting evacuation orders and hampering restoration efforts.

Typhoon Faxai pushed into the Tokyo area in the wee hours of Monday a week, packaging record winds which brought down power lines, interrupted Rugby World Cup preparations and motivated the authorities to order thousands of individuals to leave their houses.

The storm killed two individuals, with three or more elderly afterward confirmed dead because of heatstroke as temperatures soared to over 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit) in regions affected with a post-typhoon blackout.

“A comprehensive recovery remains improbable until September 27 because we have problems in mountain regions,” he added.

Some 16,700 families were without water since many water purification plants had no electricity, a local official said.

With assistance from the army, officials were dispatching water tanker trucks into the affected regions.

The national weather bureau Monday issued fresh warnings for significant rain in Chiba, while local governments issued non-compulsory evacuation orders to 46,300 individuals on account of the probability of landslides.

“A delay in healing work is anticipated because of heavy rain,” explained Kenta Hirano, a disaster management officer in Futtsu at Chiba, where the typhoon damaged over 1,000 homes.

“We’re at a loss because we can not reside there again,” that a 66-year-old guy told public broadcaster NHK following the typhoon ripped off the roof of his property.

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