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‘A rapist on your Route’: ” This Chilean feminist anthem is spreading All over the Planet

Along with the fault was not mine, not where I had been, not the way I dressed. You’re the rapist.”

These frightful lyrics sung by tens of thousands of Chilean feminists in protest against sexism and sexual abuse have taken the net by storm in the past couple of weeks.

“Un Violador En Tu Camino” is a Chilean feminist anthem also called the English name”A Rapist On Your Course “. From the native Chile to Australia, girls throughout the world have translated the song and its accompanying dancing, and tens of thousands of web users have uploaded to the internet and shared on societal networking videos of their performances.

The Way”A Rapist On Your Course ” came to be
A Couple of days after, on International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, big collections of girls gathered outside the Supreme Court of Chile, in Santiago, also close other government buildings throughout the country and staged it.

In only two weeks that the chorus spread from the nation, and similar presentations were held not just in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Argentina, but also in Canada, Australia in addition to in European countries like France, Germany, and Spain.

The lyrics were translated into Spanish sign language to improve the inclusiveness of this tune and push its message further.

Club America’s response to”A Rapist On Your Course “

In December, they took to the roads once more, following a movie of this under-17 group of Mexico City soccer Club America mocking”A Rapist On Your Course” surfaced online.

The footage reveals several shirtless players at a locker room, laughing and doing a loose, unsynchronised version of the anthem’s choreography.

Violence against girls in amounts

These types of screens against male chauvinism come as a reply to a large number of femicides in Central and South America.

The ECLAC report indicates that four of the five highest degrees of femicide from the Latin American area happen in northern Central American nations, namely El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, and in the Dominican Republic.

Whereas Peru gets the lowest amount in the area this past year, Bolivia gets got the third-highest speed in Latin America and also the greatest in South America.

“The gender-based murdering of girls is that the extreme on a continuum of violence that girls in the area experience,” said Alicia B├írcena, ECLAC’s regional business’s Executive Secretary.

The United Nations official worried that the figures published by ECLAC” reveal the thickness of their patriarchal, discriminatory and violent cultural patterns which are found in the area.”

She continued: “Countless girls in the area have taken to the streets to maintain and need something so fundamental that is busted: the right to reside violence-free lives”