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A week Following the election, MPs approve Brexit legislation paving Method for January 31 Departure

British MPs have this day accepted Boris Johnson’s Brexit bargain, which paves the way for the UK to give up the bloc on January 31.

The bill commits Britain into leaving the EU on January 31 and finishing trade talks with the bloc at the end of 2020.

EU officials have stated hitting a free trade deal over 11 weeks are going to be a battle, but Johnson insists that he will not agree to some more flaws.

“It will be tricky to secure a fantastic trade deal for Ireland, principally since Prime Minister Johnson has repaired on a more challenging Brexit than could have been expected”, Leo Varadkar, the Irish Prime Minister said on Friday.

“We do not wish free trade with a Britain which undercuts us workers’ rights, has reduced environmental standards, has reduced product criteria, reduced health and safety criteria. It is likely to be a tall order to have that agreed and ratified at the end of 2020.”

The Brexit bill was amended to stop ministers from consenting to extend the transition period with the EU.

Following the vote has been passed, Brexit fans jumped for joy in Westminster.

“It is the second we have had to wait for a lengthy time to get”, Patricia Sharman, artist and Brexit supporter, told AP. “It is the people’s success. Democracy reigns and I am absolutely delighted and quite emotional.”

Eleanor Dobson, a teacher, said: “I am just relieved that it will undergo. I think between now and December 2020 when we eventually depart is a time once we will need to be cautious since it’s the transition phase and we will not have representation in Europe, but I’m relieved that this bargain has gone because it was the only way we were planning to get out”

Remainers, British taxpayers who desired to stay at the EU, was morose.

“I think it’s a terrible time for our nation, a dreadful time for our standing, a dreadful time, overall because of our representative democracy”, Peter Roberts, a Remain supporter, stated. “I am fearful.”