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Aamir Khan Consented to Play with Gulshan Kumar at Mogul Just after Akshay Kumar, Varun Dhawan and Kapil Sharma Denied

Last updated on September 10, 2019

Actor Aamir Khan has stated he approached comic Kapil Sharma to play Gulshan Kumar at the upcoming biopic when he had been connected to the job only as a manufacturer. The celebrity on Monday declared he had re-attached himself in the lead character, after having dropped out as soon as the movie’s manager’s name cropped up throughout the #MeToo motion.

“Really when Bhushan provided the movie to me personally, I told him that I do not see myself as Gulshanji. He had been frustrated but asked me to create the movie. He was quite eager for me to participate in some capacity.

He added, “After I arrived on as producer, I said let us discuss casting. I believed that I want to offer the movie to Akshay Kumar. I know that things had not worked out sooner involving Bhushan and Akshay, but I wanted to supply the movie. So, I fulfilled Akshay and provided him the movie. He did rethink the deal, but things didn’t work out. I then offered the movie to Varun Dhawan, but he had been occupied with too many movies. Another man I had been quite keen to throw was Kapil Sharma. I believed he would pull off the character well. But that did not work out. It is written you’ll do the movie’. And the simple fact is that I like the script and it is a fantastic function, so I explained.”

Aamir from the interview also clarified why he changed his mind to star in the movie, after having announced he would not need to get related to the project since its manager was accused of sexual harassment. “At the time I believed that was the ideal thing to take, so I took this. Now I feel otherwise,” he explained.