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‘Absent yourself’: Transcripts Show what Schiff told Gaetz If he crashed Protected hearing

The House committees directing the impeachment question released transcripts on Friday detailing the second Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., stormed the protected room in which a residue had been occurring and interrupted the event.

Gaetz along with other Republican lawmakers have been at the SCIF during testimony by Lara Cooper, a Pentagon official. From the transcript, Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is quoted as stating: “Mr. Gaetz, you are not allowed to maintain the room. At another stage, Schiff informs Gaetz to”turning yourself” in the SCIF.

He advised Schiff the Gaetz is”likely to remain and listen to this testimony,” based on the transcript.

Gaetz insisted he needed a”right” to be there, inquiring Schiff when there was a”rule” that the California lawmaker could mention that could bar Gaetz from entrance to the SCIF.

In response, Schiff explained: “You are not a part of the committee. This can be performed in closed session.” He added he had been”mentioning the House rules along with the residue rules. You’re not allowed to be here.”

Gaetz pressed Schiff to define which principle was being mentioned, where stage Schiff stated: “Mr. Gaetzwhy not take your spectacle out? This isn’t the way we conduct ourselves in this committee”

“I have seen how you have conducted yourself in this particular committee,” Gaetz responded. “I would love to be here to watch.”

Schiff afterward said: “We will wait till Mr. Gaetz leaves until we start.”

It seems the proceedings declared as intended sometime soon after that trade.

House rules only permit members to take part in depositions should they serve on the committees holding the depositions, which in the event of the impeachment question would be the House Intelligence, Foreign Affairs, and Oversight committees.

Gaetz functions on the House Judiciary Committee.