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Activist Faces Spanish far-right leader on Sex violence Announcement

Activist Nadia Otmani confronted a pioneer of Spain’s far-right celebration Vox afterward he refused to sign a statement introduced by Madrid’s town council condemning violence against girls.

“The lifetime of a man and a girl would be well worth the same. I am discussing lives”,” Ortega said.

Ortega is a part of the Madrid town council as well as the federal parliament.

Otmani, wheelchair-bound for 20 years following her brother-in-law shot as she tried to shield her sister, approached Ortega Smith in tears following his address.

“You can’t do this! You can’t play politics with sex violence!” The activist now runs an institution that fights for the rights of abused girls.

Vox’s refusal to sign the statement from the Madrid town council supposed for the first time because a landmark 2004 legislation on sexual violence, local governments from the Spanish funds were not able to issue a joint all-party announcement.

Madrid’s mayor José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who relies on four Vox votes to get most in the city council, contested Ortega Smith to point out”one step” consented by the Consistory to combat sex violence which”isn’t justified”.

“Tell me just among these steps if you know some. I’m deeply sorry that you’re coming here now to blow this up occasion. Everything you’ve done here is not politics,” he explained.

On Tuesday, Vox printed on Twitter Otomani’s earnings and the quantity of public capital her organization has obtained.

The far-right celebration accused that the activist of being”the model of a subsidized feminist who utilizes everybody’s money for her, instead of for mistreated women”.

Based on official figures, 1,024 girls are murdered in Spain by their spouses since 2003.