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Afghans fear Come Back to Taliban rule Following US peace Agreement signed

There are anxieties Afghanistan can revert into intense basic Islamic principles following which a peace deal was signed between the united states and the Taliban.

Sayed Naveed Sadat, yet another Jalalabad resident, stated: “when the US leaves Afghanistan, we Afghans have worries which we’ll be going to a barbarous situation, the Taliban will begin their bombing and attacking, thus we call on the Taliban to sign the peace agreement with the Afghan authorities also, whenever possible.”

In the last few decades, more girls have obtained an instruction, gone to college and educated to be college educators, midwives, and pilots.

Arezo Jalali is a 16-year-old schoolgirl from the southern town of Kandahar. She stays positive about her potential.

“I don’t have some concerns about it since I am a girl…that I won’t ever give up in my fantasy because I’ve got a plan for my future so I will only deal with any sort of difficulty within this world.”

Washington expects the peace agreement will indicate the start of the ending of almost two years of warfare in the nation with US and NATO troops withdrawing out over 14 months.