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After mainland China, US airlines Exude Hong Kong flights amid coronavirus Frighten

Last updated on February 5, 2020

United and American Airlines on Wednesday both announced plans to suspend flights to Hong Kong after the outbreak of a deadly new coronavirus.

United said it would stop flights to the global financial hub from Saturday before February 20, mentioning a sharp fall in passengers.

American Airlines said that it had suspended flights to February 20.

Both carriers had said that they were quitting flights to southern China where the epidemic of this new coronavirus started late last year and has murdered almost 500 people and infected over 24,000.

Dozens of leading airlines have ceased flying into the Chinese mainland to slow down the spread of this virus, which has been discovered among a few individuals in over 20 nations.

The addition of Hong Kong from the flight ban comes as the city struggles with its outbreak, with 18 individuals testing positive for the illness, including a person who died.

On Tuesday, health officials in Hong Kong cautioned there was growing evidence of neighborhood transmissions — instances where individuals have gotten infected with no traveling to China.