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Ahead of UN report, evidence Indicates Saudi hacked Jeff Bezos’ Telephone: Officials

2 UN officials will report on Wednesday that there is sufficient evidence indicating that Saudi Arabia had murdered Inc founder Jeff Bezos’ telephone and the kingdom and the United States need to research, an individual familiar with the issue said.

Even the United Nations officials plan a public statement claiming that they discovered plausible a forensic report commissioned by Bezos’ safety group which reasoned his telephone likely was murdered with a tainted video delivered from a WhatsApp accounts belonging to Saudi’s crown prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The analysis by FTI Consulting reasoned that enormous amounts of information started leaving Bezos’ mobile about a month after the movie was shared in mid-2018, the individual said, declining to be identified because of the sensitivity of this subject.

External experts consulted with the UN agreed that although the situation wasn’t airtight, the evidence was strong enough to justify a fuller evaluation.

The report is set to worsen relations between the world’s richest man and the kingdom that had soured after the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in 2018, that was also a columnist for its Bezos’ possessed Washington Post.

The Guardian first reported that the crown prince’s alleged participation. It stated the encoded message in the amount employed by the crown prince is thought to have comprised a malicious file that infiltrated the telephone Bezos had utilized and pulled considerable quantities of information.

Saudi Arabia’s US embassy disregarded the report.

“Recent press reports that indicate the Kingdom is supporting a hacking of Mr. Jeff Bezos’ telephone are absurd. We call for an investigation on those claims so we could have all the details out,” it said in a message posted on Twitter.

They’re building toward a fuller account that they expect to contribute to the UN in June, the individual said. They stated in Twitter articles they will be publishing an announcement on Wednesday fixing the Guardian report.

Bezos’ security leader said in the time that Saudi had access to his telephone and obtained confidential information from it between text messages between a former television anchor, who the National Enquirer tabloid paper said Bezos was relationship.

Saudi had stated it had nothing to do with all the coverage.