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Al-Qaida Main in 9/11 Address calls for Strikes on West: Report

Al-Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri known as Wednesday on Muslims to attack U.S., European, Israeli and Russian goals in a language about the 18th anniversary of their 9/11 terror strikes.

SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors online action of jihadist groups, reported in a video published by the militant group, the 68-year-old al-Zawahri also criticizes”backtrackers” out of jihad, speaking to former jihadis who altered their perspectives in prison and known as the 9/11 strikes unacceptable because innocent civilians were hurt.

“In case you would like Jihad to be centered solely on military goals, the American army has existence all around the planet, in the East to the West,” he explained. “Your states are littered with American foundations, including all the infidels there and also the corruption that they disperse.”

Al-Zawahiri’s address was listed at a 33-minute, 28-second movie made by the team’s as-Sahab Media Foundation.

As a sign of when the address might have been listed, al-Zawahri references President Donald Trump’s comprehension of the Golan Heights as Israeli land, which was declared on March 25.

Al-Zawahri, an Egyptian, became the leader of al-Qaida after the 2011 killing of Osama bin Laden at Abbottabad, Pakistan by U.S. Navy SEALs. He’s thought to be hiding somewhere in the Afghanistan-Pakistan boundary areas. A July report from the U.N. cited reports that he’s”in bad health” but provided no information.

Over the last few decades, al-Qaida was participated in fending off contest in jihadi circles by the rival, the Islamic State group. IS burst into prominence by seizing huge swaths of Iraq and Syria in 2014, announcing that a”caliphate” and stretching affiliates in numerous countries throughout the area.

IS’s bodily”caliphate” was defeated in Iraq and Syria, although its militants continue to be busy and executing attacks.

The U.N. report stated the”immediate international threat posed by al-Qaida remains unclear” but cautioned that some prospective IS recruits might turn into elderly business.

The Yemen branch was very active, exploiting the chaos of the civil war to carry out bombings, shootings, and assassinations in an attempt to enlarge its footprint.

Osama bin Laden’s son Hamza bin Laden was seen as an eventual heir to the direction of al-Qaida but had been murdered in a military operation, U.S. officials also have stated. Al-Zawahri lauded Hamza at a 2015 movie that appeared on jihadi sites, calling him a”lion out of the den of al-Qaida.”