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Albania and North Macedonia’Prepared for EU enlargement talks’

Albania and North Macedonia have delivered”concrete” modifications which pave the way for accession talks to join the European Union, the commissioner for enlargement stated in official accounts.

This means French President Emmanuel Macron might raise his objections to the procedure after obstructing the planned beginning of discussions in October.

He insisted on a change in methodology to the accession procedure.

“The Commission stands firmly with its recommendations to start accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia,” Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi stated in an updated report on Monday.

He explained the Balkan nations had”stepped up their job and delivered further concrete and sustainable benefits in the important areas identified, including: “I trust that the member nations are going to have a positive conclusion in the coming months”

He explained the two nations had reformed their savings and judicial processes to prepare for meeting EU criteria.

Albania had made progress on justice reform and the struggle against corruption and organized crime, while North Macedonia had taken”significant steps” to strengthen the independence of its judiciary, Várhelyi explained.