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Albanian Guy arrested over alleged Societal Networking Articles calling for Israelis to be Murdered

An Albanian man was detained for allegedly using social networking to involve the killing of Israelis.

A 39-year-old guy was detained at his house in the village of Koxhaj, authorities affirmed in a statement on Thursday.

The arrest came following a month-long investigation found in January 2020 from Albania’s Anti-Terror Directorate.

The defendant was charged with terrorism crimes and hate crimes and has been remanded in custody as a”security measure”

If convicted, the person faces up to a decade in prison.

Both Albania and neighboring Kosovo have toughened anti-terror legislation in the previous five decades.

In 2018, a Kosovan court sentenced eight men on terrorism charges for plotting an assault on Israel’s national soccer team and fans.

The planned assault in November 2016 was stated to have been coordinated with two Albanians in Syria fighting Islamic State.