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Allied forces seize the Majority of Aleppo State, on eve of Turkey-Russia talks

Syrian authorities forces made considerable improvements on Sunday in the country’s northwestern Aleppo state, seizing the majority of the rebel-held area, state media said, a day before a fresh round of discussions between Turkey and Russia about the escalation in the region.

The Syrian government’s current improvements from the northwestern area have upset delicate cooperation between Ankara and Moscow, which again back conflicting factions in the battle, however, they have collaborated toward a political alternative to the virtually nine-year war.

Turkey, that backs rebels appearing to oust Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, was implicated since Syrian strikes in the Idlib area murdered 13 Turkish troops in fourteen days. It has advocated Russia to block the attacks, warning it might use military power to push back the Allied forces unless they draw from the end of the month.

On Sunday, Russian warplanes mounted thick airstrikes in Aleppo state, bombing cities such as Anadan, which was afterward captured by Allied forces encouraged by Iranian-backed militias, activists reported.

Rebel’s military sources stated resistance fighters had dragged back from the region, such as Anadan and the town of Haritan.


“In day they took a place in which for eight years they couldn’t take one village,” Rami Abdulrahman, manager of this UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights monitor stated.

“There is quite a rapid advance from the [Syrian] regime in this region,” Abdulrahman said. “The factions have retreated from the majority of the region,” he added. The Observatory said Syrian forces had captured 13 cities and cities in the region.

Turkish-backed rebels have established an operation in Idlib to retake areas dropped to Allied authorities forces. Turkey’s state-run Anadolu news agency said on Sunday a 100-vehicle convoy of reinforcements, such as tanks, troops, and army vehicles and gear, was set up to Idlib.

Turkey has thus far sent tens of thousands of troops and countless convoys of army equipment to fortify its monitoring articles in Idlib, based under a 2018 de-escalation arrangement with Russia.

As Allied forces continued their drive to retake Idlib, the final important rebel-held enclave in Syria, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Sunday he informed his Russian counterpart (on Saturday)”the aggression in Idlib should stop and a lasting ceasefire needs to be attained today.”

Talking to reporters during a briefing in the Munich Security Conference, he added that both Russian and Turkish officials could discuss the problem in Moscow on Monday.

Cavusoglu also stated he met some U.S. lawmakers in the summit, also additional Washington should work to increase its relations with Ankara, not simply because of tensions between Turkey and Russia.

“We advised them that we anticipated a sincere strategy from the USA in accord with the soul of our alliance,” he said, days after the very best U.S. envoy for Syria came to Ankara for talks on Idlib and collaboration in Syria.

It stated Trump hauled Washington’s desire to see an end to Russian assistance for Assad’s activities and to get a political solution to the battle. “President Trump also whined that continuing international interference in Libya could only serve to worsen the circumstance,” the announcement said.

Erdogan has stated his army will push back Allied forces when they don’t withdraw from Idlib at the close of the month. On Saturday he seemed to pull on that date forward, saying Turkey could”manage it” until the close of the month when there wasn’t any pullback.