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Almost 70 Percent of Italians State Europe’s climate Answer is Inadequate, Euronews survey Shows

Approximately two-thirds of respondents in France (64 percent ), Germany (67 percent ), and Italy (68 percent ) agreed insufficient action was being taken in Europe.

UK respondents consented but in reduced amounts (57 percent ).

There was an overwhelming agreement regarding the topic of whether individuals are responsible for climate change.

Back in Italy, four out of five agree with this statement, compared to about three-quarters in France and Germany.

In Britain, 69 percent of respondents said global warming has been mand created, the smallest percentage of those four nations.

The quartet — most of the signatories of the Paris Climate Deal — has vowed to reduce emissions and invest more to fight climate change. However, are citizens prepared to take a reach to their national economies to attain that objective?

Again, there is general agreement about the thought. Nonetheless, it’s endorsed by only a small majority in Great Britain (53 percent ), while nearly seven-in-ten Italian economists are ready to prioritize environmental economic interests. The degree of service falls to 62 percent in France and 57 percent in Germany.

Asked if they’d be ready to pay as much as two times longer for environmentally friendly products remarks were broken.

The vast majority of respondents narrowly endorsed the notion in Germany, France, and Italy (nearly 40 percent ). But in the United Kingdom, the consensus was against (43 percent ).

Sample sizes of 1,500 were utilized in every nation.