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Amazon fined 4 million euros over Market clauses in France

Last updated on September 4, 2019

The agency filed its lawsuit at 2017 following a two-year evaluation into third party seller platforms, which saw several exemptions potentially unjust to the 10,000 midsize and small French firms selling Amazon. They gave Amazon the capacity to change contracts in a minute’s notice, require shorter shipping times or block deliveries while requiring extra company information from sellers.

Tanguy stated Amazon was the only online seller who refused to alter its terms of usage following the analysis. Regardless of the obvious benefits for businesses utilizing Amazon, Tanguy stated, the”asymmetrical balance of power” shouldn’t force vendors to take unfair terms and conditions of usage.

In its judgment, initially reported by a French internet news website Tuesday, the court found that the contested exemptions”manifestly unbalanced” and ordered Amazon to alter them over six months. It stated Amazon’s market generated approximately 60 percent of their organization’s five billion euros of Amazon’s overall French earnings.

“The court ruled by a restricted number of exemptions, the majority of which were updated before this season,” Amazon France told AFP late Tuesday.

Online marketplaces such as Amazon are a blessing for small and midsize French companies, specifically for discovering new export markets, using their overall international sales rising to 350 million euros this past year, according to the DGCCRF.

“The evolution of the digital market is a huge chance, so long as the huge marketplaces regard competition and customer protection rules,” Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said Wednesday on Twitter.