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Amazon under fire for selling Nazi propaganda Novels

The Holocaust Education Trust composed a letter to the firm’s UK branch requesting them to eliminate antisemitic books including children’s books written by Julius Streicher who had been charged and implemented during the Nuremberg trials.

Streicher was an antisemitic writer who edited the antisemitic propaganda Der Stürmer from the 1920s and 30s. Streicher, who had been convicted throughout Nuremberg of”crimes against humanity” was close to Hitler.

Among those children’s books available, The Poisonous Mushroom has been used as evidence throughout the trials following World War II, the firm says.

“Since the Holocaust goes from living history, our survivors frequently increase the issue that Holocaust denial and antisemitism will persist,” stated the chief executive of the Holocaust Education Trust, Karen Pollock, in a letter to Amazon.

“It’s worrying that renowned publishers such as Amazon would make available products which promote hate or racist speech of any type, let alone people in the darkest period of European history”

Some others called for Amazon to shoot the novels.

Some others joined the calls for the substance to be eliminated.

Former UK finance minister Sajid Javid tweeted that Amazon UK would”wish to demonstrate that it is [a] accountable company by acting fast and stopping the selling of the vile racist material”.

The national seat of the Jewish Arabian community, Mike Katz said there was”no argument” that Amazon was selling Nazi propaganda.

“As a bookseller, we’re mindful of publication censorship through history, and we don’t take this lightly. We think that providing access to written address is vital, including novels that some may discover objectionable, even though we consider concerns in the Holocaust Educational Trust seriously and are listening to its opinions.”

“Amazon has policies regulating which books could be listed for sale. We spend considerable time and resources to make sure our guidelines are followed closely and eliminate products that don’t adhere to our instructions. Also, past our proactive steps, we promptly investigate all issues raised.”

The books were available on the French and German versions of Amazon.

1 customer review posted on the site said the publication showed”the fact”, a remark that societal media users stated revealed the antisemitic publication shouldn’t be accessible.

1 social networking user and Holocaust teacher wrote on Twitter they had contacted Amazon three occasions concerning the publication’s sale but nothing had occurred. UK newspaper the Daily Mail reported that the books were available in January.