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American and israeli forces Swap rocket Strikes as tensions escalate

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has pledged his country will do”everything needed to safeguard ourselves”, following the most serious escalation of tensions between Israeli and Palestinian forces in weeks.

A leading commander in the Iranian-backed Palestinian militant group Islamic Jihad was killed on Tuesday in an Israeli attack, prompting the firing of rockets at Israeli towns such as Tel Aviv.

Claiming Israel isn’t interested in escalation,” Netanyahu said: “This may take some time. What’s required is endurance and cool-headedness.”

Adhering to the killing of Baha Abu Al-Atta at the Gaza Strip, dozens of rockets were fired into Israel, putting off sirens in several towns.

The Israeli army said its air defense systems intercepted a few of the Palestinian rockets but Israeli hospitals reported many civilians with accidents.

Raf Sanchez, the Daily Telegraph’s Middle East correspondent, told Euronews: “That is feeling like an extremely considerable escalation, the Israeli army has canceled faculty and shut all non-essential companies in southern Israel and at Tel Aviv for the first time because 2014.”

And he included it might have important consequences for the political scenario in the country, which has witnessed Netanyahu and his centrist political rival Benny Gantz neglect to form a vast majority government, after two elections within this season alone.

“This will smooth the way for Netanyahu and Benny Gantz to put aside their differences, to create a unity government that both sides say that they need even though they can not agree on the precise specifics of how it would operate,” Sanchez explained.

He included that the fighting would likely make it even more challenging for Gantz to perform his Plan B, which was to form a minority government with the celebration that reflects Israel’s Palestinian minority.

“This aggression is only going to rally at the surface of this Zionist occupation and its criminal leaders that began and should cover the purchase price and bear the consequences,” it added in a statement.