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American One of 3 Medication prisoners in Getaway from Thai Courtroom

Corrections Department Director-General Naras Savestana stated in a statement the three, who had been shackled, escaped Monday while being transferred from a holding place into a court.

The three face drug trafficking charges carry a potential death sentence.

CCTV footage showed one stabbing a guard who tried to prevent them and yet another forcing a shield at gunpoint to hand over keys to recreate a bonded place so that they could make their escape at a nearby pickup truck.

Thai press reported on Tuesday the wounded protector was still recovering at a hospital. The Bangkok Post reported the pickup truck was found abandoned in a nearby district and two individuals suspected of helping the escape were detained.

The Correction Department announcement identified that the American as 40-year-old Bart Allen Helmus, who’s thought to be the man who stabbed the protector. All were charged with possession of dangerous drugs with intent to market.
Helmus and his wife were detained in July after what had been reported in the opportunity for a sting operation where a police undercover agent purchased 10 g (a third of an ounce) of crystal methamphetamine out of them.

Authorities said they seized nearly a kilogram (2.2 lb ) of this medication from them, in addition to a gun with 200 bullets and 205,500 baht ($6,800) in money.

Pattaya is a favorite tourist destination but is also notorious for crime and vice, bringing more than its share of international offenders.