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Amy Klobuchar exits White House race, Could back Joe Biden

“The senator is flying into Dallas to combine vice president Biden in his rally tonight where she’ll suspend her effort and endorse the vice president,” a Klobuchar campaign spokesperson told AFP.

The movement is a significant boost for former president Biden, after the withdrawal of some other medium, Pete Buttigieg, on Sunday.

Following a blowout victory in the last first, Saturday at South Carolina, Biden heads to”Super Tuesday” having a head of steam as he struggles leftist firebrand Bernie Sanders to find out who faces Donald Trump in November’s election.

Klobuchar, a US senator in the state of Minnesota, had set himself as a centrist and pragmatist who has worked throughout the aisle at Washington and may deliver that spirit of unity and alliance to the Oval Office.

Despite some persuasive debate performances, the 59-year-old never enrolled preceding single digits in national polling averages and wasn’t expected to provide a solid showing on Tuesday, when 14 says to visit the polls.

Her departure leaves two girls at the Democratic nomination search: Senator Elizabeth Warren, an innovative from Massachusetts, and also the anti-war congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

Warren thanked her buddy Klobuchar at a tweet. “You have been a champion for working people in politics, and that I look forward to maintaining that fight on your side,” she wrote.