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Angry protests in’power keg’ migrant camp Finished Mortal fire

Last updated on October 1, 2019

Angry girls are top protests in one of Europe’s biggest migrant camps following a fire abandoned one man dead.

We need justice, we do not wish to worry about more innocent lives.

“Girls in Moria are fearful, we can’t leave our tent once it becomes dark. We can’t go to the toilet.”

Soghra Bayat is just another Afghan refugee, and she asserts the police are hiding the facts concerning Sunday’s fire:

“Girls are yelling for security and dignity. We are aware that on Sunday, due to the passion people died, not just one woman. But police are lying.”

Fazel Obaid is in the camp along with his husband. They understand they’re very likely to invest several months in there since they’ve just arrived.

“We anticipated a much better location. Nowadays, nobody paid any attention to us because my spouse was in the hospital for three nights on the island of Lemnos. Here we are being discounted. Nobody cares if we’re not or human.”

“The situation looks like a powder keg and [it] can burst at any moment,” he explained. “I fear for the security of the people, of those inhabitants of Lesbos. For the situation to change, many refugees need to be moved to the mainland, and fresh arrivals from Turkey have to be stopped. Otherwise, we’re doomed.”

He went on to state that Turkey does not have the political will to fix the matter.

About 250 migrants stopped a ferry on Lesbos led into the mainland on Monday as a part of the government attempts to undertake substantial overcrowding.

Greece’s government has declared it would accelerate efforts to move tens of thousands over the mainland.

Moria is covered in garbage, and the stream of refugees is not slowing down. It’s estimated that 12,000 people — over four times the website’s capability — are now positioned at the camp and just outside its perimeter.