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Anil Kapoor says That He auditioned for Christopher Nolan’s Inception:’Failed to materialise but I did get his autograph’

Much like all film lovers around the planet, Anil Kapoor can also be super excited for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming movie, Tenet. The movie will arrive in July and may just be the greatest lure for crowds across the world, bringing them back to theaters and multiplexes following weeks of lockdown.

Sharing the movie’s newly published second preview, Anil tweeted how he met Christopher after to get a part in his superhit movie Inception. “Recall meeting Christopher Nolan to get a role in Inception that didn’t materialize for me in the time however I did get his autograph on a Batman DVD cover @HarshKapoor_! The @TENETFilm trailer is amazing and that I know that it will bring back the audiences in the theatres to see it,” he wrote.

The movie was about a bunch of individuals who’d enter people’s fantasies to manipulate their conclusions.

Tenet also celebrities Dimple Kapadia. Nolan and his group shot for the movie in Mumbai this past year.

In a time when most filmmakers are choosing to release their movies direct-to-OTT, Christopher has claimed his highly-anticipated spy thriller is only going to launch on the big screen. The affirmation comes in the close of the movie’s just-released second preview. On the other hand, the official Twitter accounts of this movie still list its first planned date July 17 — since the day of launch.

The new preview of this action thriller provides a glimpse of the assignment the protagonist key agents, essayed from Robert Pattinson and John David Washington, embark, on a time-bending assignment to stop World War III.