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Anti-racism demonstrators clash by policemen in Seattle

Clashes at Seattle between authorities and anti-racism protesters led to dozens of arrests on Sunday, as people anger mounts within US President Donald Trump’s projected”surge” of national agents into primary cities.

Demonstrations against racism and police brutality have been sparked from the passing in Minneapolis of Protestant African American George Floyd in May.

Protesters at Seattle slashed car tires and smashed trailer windows throughout the demonstrations on Saturday, prompting authorities to announce a riot and clean the roads with pepper spray and flash-bang grenades.

Protesters also set fire by a building site for a youth detention center.

Authorities said 45 people were detained while 21 officers were hurt.

The march was in support of continuing protests in neighboring Portland, Oregon.

Portland has taken center stage for its highly contentious crackdown by federal agents arranged by Trump — one which isn’t encouraged by local officials, who state officials use excessive force.

Back in Austin, a guy was murdered in a fire that broke out Saturday night in a demonstration at the Caribbean region of the Texas state capital, authorities said.

The protests come as Trump faces an increasingly hard struggle for re-election in November, also is campaigning on a”law and order” platform.