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Arjun Kapoor calls Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff’regular actors’, Lovers take Action

Last updated on September 2, 2019

Amid the countdown into the movie’s launch on October 2, Tiger published a photograph from the collections of this movie that got an intriguing remark from celebrity Arjun Kapoor.

Sharing a picture of himself sitting on the ground together with co-star Hrithik and manager Siddharth who is sitting on a seat, Tiger wrote, “I received your back sir @hrithikroshan and he’s @itssiddharthanand got ours! For this, Siddharth
responded,”@tigerjackieshroff, I have a good deal more than simply your spine.”

Calling Siddharth (observed in blue lace top and shorts) a legend, Arjun Kapoor responded to the article, “The Legend & two regular actors…”

Arjun is famous for his humorous and good-natured remarks on the social networking articles of his business buddies. But this didn’t go down well with a few of Hrithik and Tiger’s lovers who increased hostility to Arjun’s remark. A fan wrote, “Hrithik isn’t a normal actor he is Legend.” Still, another wrote, “What exactly does he imply regular celebrity?”

An additional buff took a dig Arjun and composed, “Look who is talking about routine actors.”

Hrithik additionally took to Instagram on Sunday to discuss a movie in the movie’s wrap-up celebration. He captioned the picture: “I have a day take a left. But because everyone began observing the wrap, here is half confused me joining in the fun. I only hope they remember the previous scene remains abandoned. What I will miss most is working together with you Tiger Shroff. Everyone else, like the celebration and watch you at the office day later.” The movie boasts of a few gravities defying action scenes and has been taken in exotic places.