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‘Army epicenter of terror’, reads poster by Pak minorities out UN office

Minorities out of Pakistan have built a banner calling the nation’s military”epicenter of global terrorism” in Geneva during the session of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC).

News agency ANI reported that a protest can also be advised to be held by Baloch and Pashtun activists in the front of the United Nations office contrary to the participation of the Pakistani military institution in breeding terror outfits.

The activists are demanding that the UN should reprimand Pakistan, take immediate action to prevent this and set the rule of law from the area, it noted.

This includes after India on Friday advised Pakistan’s top leadership to prevent terror financing and dismantle terrorist camps operating from the land and lands under its control whilst decrying Islamabad’s attempts to derail the favorable improvements in Jammu and Kashmir.

India’s announcement came a week after the worldwide terror funding watchdog Financial Action Task Force (FATF) in Paris chose to keep Pakistan in its grey List’ and cautioned that the nation of stern action if it fails to prosecute and penalize those involved in terror financing emanating from its jurisdiction.

India also emphasized the plight of minorities from Muslim-majority Pakistan, requesting the Pakistani leadership to stop harassment and implementation of minorities through abuse of the blasphemy law, ending forced conversions and unions of girls and women from Hindu, Sikh and Christian religions and prevent religious persecution from Shias, Ahmadiyas, Ismailia and Hazaras.

The 43’s session of UNHRC began in Geneva on February 24 and will last until March 20.