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Arsenal name former captain Mikel Arteta as head Trainer

Arsenal have called former team captain Mikel Arteta since the club’s new head coach.

Arteta explained: “This is a massive honor. Arsenal is one of the largest clubs in the world. We will need to be competing for its best prizes in the sport and that has been made quite apparent to me in my conversations with Stan and Josh Kroenke, and also the senior individuals from the team.

“We all know there’s a good deal of work to be performed to accomplish this but I’m confident we will do it. I am realistic enough to know it will not happen overnight however, the present squad has lots of talent and there’s a good pipeline of young players coming from the academy.”

He has to work to do. Arsenal now sits in 10th place at the Premier League table, following a bad start to the year that saw Unai Emery sacked at the end of November.

Still another former Arsenal midfielder, under-23 trainer Freddie Ljungberg, acquired more than Emery as caretaker manager but managed only one win at the five games that he had been responsible for.