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Art installation transforms Nordic Soccer stadium into Woods

A woods in an Austrian soccer arena is posing the question of if one day character might only be appreciated in specified regions.

The 300 trees, set up with a Swiss artist, are meant to bring about discussions about climate change.

Basel-based Klaus Littmann set up the woods in a 30,000-capacity scene in Klagenfurt, a lakeside town in southern Austria, near Italy and Slovenia.

Littmann explained: “For most, due to the present situation, this signifies a memorial as part of their climate change discussion.”

While the climate catastrophe has lately turned into a pressing political issue in a lot of the planet, the concept that we could one day wind up with”character zoos” was suggested in 1970 at a drawing Austrian artist Max Peintner, that prompted this exhibition and was contained inside.

Littmann explained: “Max Peintner had the vision that one day‚Ķ that which we’ve been performing for decades in zoos with endangered creatures could occur to the character “