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At least 11 dead since fire sweeps through Rio’s Badim hospital

Hospital police said the blaze late on Thursday was believed to have been brought on by a short circuit at a generator, even though the town mayor said sabotage couldn’t be ruled out.

The town’s forensic institute stated the majority of the dead were aged 66 or more, a lot of whom were at the intensive care unit.

The hospital also said there were 103 patients at the building once the fire broke out and “over 100 physicians were mobilized to deliver help to the sufferers ” Seventy-seven of these were transferred into other hospitals while 14 was cleared to come back home.

Throughout the evacuation, patients on gurneys and stretchers were transported into surrounding roads as ambulances fought through crowds of curious onlookers to transfer patients to other medical centers.

“The doctor came at the area and told me there was a passion and that we needed to evacuate as soon as possible,” 58-year-old Teresa Dias, who had been seeing her dad, told AFP.

“They set him on a wheelchair and then tied him up to stop him from falling out. There were plenty of other ill people on stretchers on the staircase.” Staff wheeled medical gear outside, and also the most critically ill patients have been shot at first to a local children’s nursery.

Sheets connected were spotted hanging out of hospital windows.

“I managed to take my mom from her room, and once we got to the fire escape, there certainly were lots of folks running around,” attorney Carlos Otorelo, whose 93-year-old mum was being treated for pneumonia, told the UOL news site.

“It was awful since the smoke spread speedily.” Other relatives have been made to wait out for word on their loved ones too dense black fumes filled the skies.

“I heard the loud sound of glass breaking and believed it had been a robbery once I heard screaming.

Hospital police said smoke spread into all floors of this building and pointed into a generator at the earliest portion of the complicated as the likely cause of the fire.

Mayor Marcelo Crivella said researchers would research whether the fire was a crash.

“Experts will need to find whether anybody was accountable. I am hoping that I’m incorrect, but we must test there was no sabotage, we must research,” he told reporters when seeing the hospital Friday.

The fire service said the assumptions had security certificates.

Two big fires struck Rio in the last year, such as when the National Museum was gutted by flames past September, destroying the majority of its priceless collections.

On February, 10 teenaged members of this Flamengo soccer club were murdered in the construction where they had been staying.

Faulty ac systems would be the cause of the two fires.